eye care

  • contact lenses (monthly, daily, toric, silicone, hydrogel)
  • solutions for contact lenses (soft, hard)
  • eye drops (vitamin B5, hyaluronate, without preservatives, ampoules, spray, a filter, euphrasia)
  • complementary products eye protection (saline, enzyme tablets, antibacterial gel, tweezers, sucker)
  • glasses (cleaning cloth, anifog, wet wipes for cleaning, reading glasses, sunglasses)

wet wipes

  • auto (windscreen, polishing, wheels, cockpit, leather, LCD, clean hands)
  • house (shoes, leather, plasma, furniture, glass, mirror, anti-bacterial, stone, inox, microceramic tops, microwaves, universal)
  • child (care, sponge, wetted toilet roll, fresh)
  • woman and man (make-up removal, self-tanning, intimate, nail remover, fresh, senior, after shave)
  • special applications (inhalation aloe, glasses and lenses, pets, stone, tools, anti-insects)

diagnostic kits

  • pregnancy test
  • ovulation test
  • menopause test
  • cholesterol level tests
  • drug test
  • alcohol testing


  • moisturizing cream for dry skin
  • revitalising cucumber eye pads
  • antibacterial gel

nicotine replacement

electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)

  • e-cigarette with usb charger
  • cartomizer
  • disposable e-cigarette

first aid

  • wound spray
  • antiseptic spray
  • earplugs
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • digital thermometer